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Computer Science And Engineering(CSE)


The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)program gives students the opportunities to the key emerging technologies of the ever-changing ICT era. The scope of this program is not only limited to designing computer systems or developing software but also has the access for finding solutions to multidisciplinary problems with a focus on a total engineering and managerial solutions. Students will learn the computer science principles that are critical to development of software, hardware and worldwide networking. From that background, engineering concepts and methods are to be added to give students’ exposurefrom designing of Information Technology systems to development of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, circuitsand networks. Elements of engineering practices include the systems view, manufacturing and economic issues, and multi-disciplinary engineering applications. This program is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of computer science, both hardware and software, and the application of engineering concepts, techniques and methods to many folds including computer systems engineering, software development and Information Technology for embracing the upcoming changes of the world. World is moving very fast with the challenges of meeting the ever-increasing needs of using Information and Communication Technology. CSE is the base facilitators for introducing such a technology in the world. The world demand of CSE graduates is increasing tremendously. All countries of the world including Bangladesh, USA, Japan, Australia and Canada are facing extreme challenges for getting and producing qualified CSE graduates to meet its current technological needs. Many multi-national companies, like Intel, Microsoft, Google and Facebook are searching qualified CSE graduates worldwide. Considering this needs, benefits and advantages, we are starting CSE department. To answer these questions, it’s helpful to hear from others who have made decisions about computing and the department. Their needs and personal goals may help you better define your own. The videos that follow showcase the voices of CSE undergraduates, graduates, professors, and alumni. These short, two-minute clips describe how computing can change the world and change your life, demonstrating the value of a CSE education


Here The Cse Cousre curriculam for four year


Course Description

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Course path

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We have experienced faculty who have extensive teaching experiences.
Our faculty members hold degrees from USA, Italy and BUET, Bangladesh.
Our faculty gurantees sincerity in their profession.
They are innovative and research oriented.
We also have great adjunct faculty members who teach with care.



Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.

Steve Jobs


Our Mission

The department of Computer Science & Engineering offers degree program to create professionals in both research and development areas to meet local and global needs. With unique teaching methods from experienced and energetic faculty members, we bring out hidden potential in our students to become valuable members of this world. Our program is designed to create data scientists, software engineers, mobile application developers and other Information Technology professionals needed by governments and private organizations.


Our Vision

We will become one of the leading educational units in the world to foster research and development for the benefit of human societies. We will use all available tools necessary to produce generations of Engineers who will be responsible, caring and innovative.


Goal & Objectives


Be one of the leading educational units in the world to produce top-notch engineers and researchers in the field of CSE.


  • Create research cells to involve teachers and students in all areas of CSE.
  • Identify needs of the present and the future and keep the curriculum in line with those needs.
  • Set up development units to create professionals ready for the industry.
  • Nurture human qualities to produce engineers who are sincere and caring.

About IUS

International University of Scholars (IUS) is the brainchild of few Bangladeshi educationists, researchers and philanthropists presently working in Dhaka as well as in North American Universities and Research Centers. This group came to Dhaka in 2015 with a vision to establishing a new researched based University in Bangladesh to providing quality higher education and to promote scholarly excellence in educational research. This idea is materialized through the formation of IUS.

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