History of Our University

International University of Scholars (IUS) is the brainchild of few Bangladeshi educationists, researchers and philanthropists presently working in Dhaka as well as in North American Universities and Research Centers. This group came to Dhaka in 2015 with a vision to establish a new research based University in Bangladesh to provide quality higher education and to promote scholarly excellence in educational research. This idea is materialized through the formation of IUS.

IUS is an independent, nonsectarian institution of higher learning based on American Curriculum. The university is temporarily located at F/15 Pragati Sarani, Middle Badda, Dhaka. A new permanent campus is being developed near Purbachal, Dhaka.

The academic activities at the university are primarily organized through its 4 Schools and 8 departments which will eventually offer undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of Arts, Science, Engineering and Business Studies.

IUS received its official approval from the Ministry of Education, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh on December 29th, 2015.

University Grants Commission (UGC), Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Inspection Memo Number: UGC/PU/533(2)/Part-1/2010/4917, dated August 02, 2015.

Ministry of Education (MOE), Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Approval Number: 37.00.0000., dated December 29, 2015.


“On behalf of the IUS Board of Trustees, University administration, faculty and staff, it is my privilege to welcome you to the International University of Scholars. This is a momentous time in the history of our University and I am excited about the future of our great University. I am honored to lead IUS’s Board of Trustees as a Chairman and excited to see where we go next. With the support of all members of our community, there is nothing we cannot achieve as we strive to serve our students and the global community. The Board of Trustees is the ultimate governing authority of the University. The current Board consists of 14 members. Our diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and experience enable us to better serve this great institution. Our role is to govern through establishment of policies that ensures academic quality and freedom, protect the University’s financial security, and ensure efficient and effective administration through the Board’s members and officers. Whether you are a prospective student, parent or friend, you will find that IUS is a vibrant, exciting, and engaging community committed to academic excellence. Our unique approach of teaching the new generation of students differentiates us from any other Universities in the area. Our focus is to develop young leaders with ethical principles and character prepared to make a positive contribution to society. The University adopts the concept of blended learning where the traditional lecture will be blended with an active learning approach. It provides a rigorous curriculum with programs in arts, engineering, business, economics and other disciplines. I encourage you to visit our website and get to know us and keep abreast of the myriad of events and activities taking place on campus. Please feel free to visit our temporary campus in Middle Badda and talk to one of us, as we believe IUS will provide you with opportunities to compete in an increasingly global society. Thank you for visiting the IUS Board of Trustees on the web. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. ”

Engr. Muhammad Ahsan Habib
Chairman & Founder Life Member
Board of Trustees


The mission of IUS is to provide an outstanding environment for the teaching-learning process to effectively deliver a contemporary curriculum designed to produce competent graduates for the nation. IUS will establish and maintain an active and productive research for the discovery of new knowledge. IUS will cultivate a commitment to life-long learning, community service and social responsibility in its students.


IUS will be recognized for the quality of its undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs and its contribution to research and active participation in the economic development of Bangladesh.


The goal of our educational program will be to produce graduates with a broad-based understanding of education in a holistic way and establish an international reputation of the very best research and teaching. We will reach out to relevant stakeholders particularly in business, industry and government, but also the wider community, to win their support. Our goal is to position IUS as an intellectual gateway to Bangladesh and beyond in healthcare, business, engineering and others.

The educational goal will be attained through a combination of modern physical facilities, educational technology, and the creation of a community of scholars and learners that will foster a process of critical thinking, mutual respect, and a commitment to lifelong learning. All research endeavors in IUS will be guided by an overarching goal of discovery for the sake of the community we serve.

Core Values

Our vision will be guided by our following core values:
1. Student-centered teaching
2. Lifelong learning
3. Collegiality and mutual respect
4. Community service and social responsibility
5. Integrity and accountability
6. Academic excellence

1. Engr. Muhammad Ahsan Habib, B.Sc. EEE (BUET), Chairman & Founder Life Member.

2. Admiral Muhammad Farid Habib, Chief of Naval Staff (retired), Vice Chairman & Founder Life Member.

3. Dr. Saleh Hussain, Ph.D. (Pharm.), Canada, General Secretary & Founder Life Member.

4. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jamil Habib, Ph.D. (Pharm.), Canada, Treasurer & Founder Life Member.

5. Engr. Muhammad Mushtaq Habib, Member.

6. Mrs. Oliza Khanam, B.A. Member.

7. Mrs. Hafiza Akhtar Habib, B.A. Member.

8. Mr. Adnan Habib, M.Sc. (Finance), Nottingham, U.K. Member

9. Mr. Zaki Farhad Habib, M.Sc. (Pharmacology), Oxford, U.K. Member.

10.Ms. Tasnia Habib, B.S. (Public Health), USA. Member

11. Engr. Shakir Hussein, M.Eng, MBA (Canada), Member.

12. Engr. Shuaib Hussein, M.Eng, P.Eng. (Canada), Member.

13. Ms. Sarah Hussein, B.Sc. (Pharmacology), Canada, Member.

1. Professor Dr. Robert Foster, B.Pharm., M.Pharm. Ph.D. (Canada)

2. Professor Dr. Richard Lewanczuk, M.D. Ph.D. (Canada)

3. Professor Dr. Glen Baker, Ph.D. (Canada)

4. Dr. Kenneth Duchin, Ph.D. (Pharmacology), USA

For undergraduate programs

SL Level of Score : HSC (excluding 4th subject)/ O & A Level Tuition Waiver/Scholarship Required CGPA to continue waiver
1 5.00 O Level-5 A’s in one sitting & A Level-2 A’s in one sitting 100% 3.80
2 4.80-4.99 O Level-5 A’s in two sitting & A Level-2 A’s in two sitting 80% 3.75
3 4.50-4.79 O Level-4 A’s in one sitting & A Level-1A 40% 3.60
4 4.00-4.49 O Level-3 A’s in one sitting & A Level-1A 20% 3.50

*All categories of Tuition Waiver rules for undergraduate students are subject to the condition that there was no break of study at SSC & HSC levels.

For postgraduate programs

*At least 3 applicants coming from any particular corporate body or organization will be treated as a special group. This group will be eligible for 15% tuition waiver.

For Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs:

1.Siblings and spouse will be eligible for 25% Tuition waiver & this will remain valid in the subsequent semesters if the semester result is not less than 3.00

2.Children of Freedom Fighters will be eligible for 100% tuition waiver & this will remain valid in the subsequent semesters if the semester result is not less than 3.00.

3.Merit Scholarship is available for students who get CGPA above 3.8 in their semester final results.

4.Merit/Need based Scholarship on Tuition waiver is also available for deserving students.

5.Tuition waiver will be granted only on the basis of results of offered courses. If anyone drops any course/s, he/she will not be allowed anytuition waiver. To qualify for tuition waiver a student must take minimum 12 credits in a semester.

6.Tuition waiver will be applicable only for tuition fees. No waiver will be allowed in case of re-take & internship.

7.Tuition waiver is applicable at the entry level and will remain valid in the subsequent semesters if the semester result is found satisfactory.

tuition fee

Admission Procedure

The completed Application Form must be submitted to the Admissions Office with the following documents:

1. Admission Form on payment of Tk. 500.

2. Original with attested copies of all academic certificates & mark sheets.

3. 4 Copies photograph (passport size).

4. National ID/Passport attested Photocopy.

5. Job experience certificate (only for 48 credits MBA).

Special Instructions

1. Students who got themselves admitted with fake Certificates will not be given degree Certificates and shall not be allowed to attend the convocation.

2. Course waiver is allowed.

3. All students have to fulfill the minimum criteria of admission as shown in the Admission Requirement section.

4. The Admission application form is available in the IUS Campus located in Middle Badda, Dhaka. It can also be downloaded from the admission form section.

For Undergraduate Programs

1. A student should have at least second division or minimum GPA of 2.5 in both SSC & HSC examinations, combined total (SSC+HSC) being not lower than 6.00.

2. A student must have at least 5 subjects in O Level and 2 subjects in A Level (Must have minimum B grade in 4 subjects of O Level and minimum C grade in 2 subjects in A Level).

3. For the children of Freedom Fighters: A minimum GPA of total 5.00 in SSC and HSC examinations (Freedom Fighters Certificate must be produced).
CSE/EEE/ETE: Candidate must have Math and Physics at HSC level.
Textile: Candidate must have Chemistry and Physics at HSC level.
B. Pharmacy: Candidate must have Chemistry and Biology at HSC level.

For Postgraduate Programs

1. MBA (Regular): At least a Bachelor degree with minimum 2nd division/class or CGPA of at least 2.00

2. MBA (Special course waiver available for BBA Students): At least a 4-year BBA degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.00.

3. MBA (Executive): At least a Bachelor degree with minimum 2nd division/class or CGPA of at least 2.00 and at least 2 years’ work experience after graduation.

4. MBA (Classes are conducted on Friday): At least a Bachelor degree with minimum 2nd division/class or CGPA of at least 2.00 and at least 2 years’ work experience.

Board of Trustees

We offer several degree programs under different schools. All our degree programs are designed to produce graduates ready to meet the current and future industry needs