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The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has 6 labs that are fully equipped.

The Robotics Lab is located on the ground floor of the University Of Scholars campus. At the moment there are 2 robotic arms present and the department is planning on teaching students how to integrate physics with a programming language course to show them how industrial applications are done. A dispenser meter and pressure solenoid valves will be added to control the robotic arms, along with 2 workstations and 3D printers so that students can work on them. They are also planning on merging Control System Lab with the Robotics Lab present.

On the 9th floor of the University campus building, a Power Protection & Switchgear Lab is present in Room 901 which has very big transformers (around 400 kilograms in weight and with oil around 700 kilograms) and various control panels too. The Department is planning on building miniature substations so that students can have real-life scenarios. For the near future, the other side of Room 901 will be used to build a Machine Lab which will have DC motors with a whole electrical circuit and a power system kit with 2 power station/workstation machines as well as transmission lines. 

There is also another lab present on the 9th floor, namely Electrical Circuit Lab in Room no. 903 where experiments are carried out. It has 5 tables set up with different passive and active elements along with both DC and AC sources. A moving trolley board is used for moving all devices from one place to another. There are 8 workstations with 6 chairs at each table so that students can utilize the space properly. The EEE Department is planning to bring in new motors and add some new equipment too. It will also upgrade its machines with modern lab facilities and digitalized computers.  

There are 2 other labs present on the 17th floor of the University building. In the Communication Lab, there are digital and analog kits present where students are introduced to modulation techniques. Equipment like oscilloscopes and converters (digital to analog and analog to digital) are also there for lab practices. In the future, a microweb antenna will be brought here for wireless communication.

Another lab present on that floor is the Microprocessor Lab which is currently using an 8086 microprocessor, microcontroller, and 4 trainer kits which students have all-time access to. For enhancing this lab, there are plans of bringing in some Arduino kits and offering microprocessor design learning.

In the upcoming years, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is thinking of establishing a Control System Lab with PLC (Programmable logic controller) Kit which can be developed. Here students will be able to see and experiment with how industries control these machines and navigate them too.