To obtain the B. Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) degree, a student will have to complete at least 160.0 Credit Hours and must pass all the required courses, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.20. The Student must also meet all the financial obligations to the University to become qualified for the degree. If any student fails in any course he/she will get the opportunity to improve the grade by retaking the subject in the subsequent semesters like other regular students.

Academic Year and Semesters

English calendar year is the academic year for the program. The academic year is divided into three semesters as under:

Semester                                                           Duration (months)

Spring                                                                April to September

Fall                                                                    October to March

Teaching Method

For promotion of high level of teacher student interaction, each student is to be assigned an advisor and the student is free to discuss all academic matters with his/her advisor. One adviser is to be normally appointed for a batch of students. The adviser advises each student about the courses to be taken in each term by discussing the academic program of that particular term with the students. However, it is also the student’s responsibility to keep regular contact with his/her adviser who will review and eventually approve the student’s specific plan of study and monitor subsequent progress of the student.

Assessment Methodologies

The total performance of a student in a given course is based on a scheme of continuous assessment. For theory courses this continuous assessment is to be made through class tests, class evaluation, class participation, homework assignment and a term final examination. For each course four class tests shall be taken and out of them best three will be considered for grading. The assessment in laboratory/sessional courses is made through observation of the student at work during the class, viva-voce laboratory hours and quizzes. Student’s performance would be evaluated through class test, assignments, class performance, quizzes or viva, attendance, mid-term exam and final exam.