Electrical and Electronic Engineering is concerned with the design, research, fabrication, development, planning of systems and devices anticipating power generation, transmission, and distribution as well as data transmission, a computing system for easy human life amelioration. Electrical and electronic devices are the most useful elements for modern society developments and the computation world makes it easy to allying with human-machine interaction. The electrical engineer will be responsible for research, technology analysis, system and device design and manufacturing, modern wireless communication system, RF and microwave, optical-fiber communication, telecommunication, radio, and television engineering, control systems, signal processing, computer network, microprocessor, instrumentations, integrated circuit and devices, electronic machines, power system, renewable energy, and many other application areas.

Currently, we have regular and diploma students who are pursuing their bachelor’s program (B.Sc.) in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This B.Sc. program in Electrical and Electronic Engineering is designed with foundational & advanced courses and to provide basic engineering knowledge to keep pace with the competitive world. The Scholars provides advanced laboratories with faculty members to cope up with the modern challenges in the field of Circuits, Electronics and Devices, Power Engineering, Computers, and Communication Engineering.

The University of Scholars promulgates engineering education through a prescribed curriculum, approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and accepted by international as well as national bodies. It has the knowledge and wisdom of engineering discoveries and innovations spanning a period of a few years or so. As such, the study of electrical engineering is fulfilling and at the same time challenging. It requires students of better than average capabilities. An excellent faculty team has been engaged to nurture its students. In summary, the bachelor’s program is well established and tenable. The Scholars EEE is committed to providing quality education.


The Bachelor’s Program (B.Sc.) in EEE is a four-year program including courses, sessional, assignments, project & thesis.

Number of Credits:

162 credits for B.Sc. Regular batch.

132 credits + 30 Credits (waived) for B.Sc. Diploma batch