Welcome to the Department of Textile Engineering

The Department of Textile Engineering operates under the umbrella of the Faculty of Textile Engineering and offers a four-year bachelor’s degree program. The program covers an interdisciplinary curriculum based on various science and engineering principles. The program provides knowledge of the latest developments in textile engineering and technology in a wide range.

The textile engineering program provides students with a unique background that allows them to pursue conventionally and applied research, internships, and design projects ranging from traditional and modern production technologies to the design of both the usual and new high-performance products for the human and automotive, and aviation industries respectively. The program offers small class sizes with personal attention from the faculty members.

The programs are highlighted by their nationality, their focus on the interdisciplinary and training of highly qualified young professionals combines teaching, project, and research results by directly implementing them. This is achieved through research- and practice-based master and bachelor theses, which are developed from laboratory work or direct involvement in research projects.