Students’ performance in a course is evaluated as under:Theory Courses:

Class attendance and Performance10%
Class Tests30%
Case Presentations and Assignment10%
Mid-term Tests30%
Final Examination40%

 Sessional Courses:

Class attendance and Performance10%
Continuous Evolution30%
Quizzers(Midterm and Final)30%
Viva-voce/Project Evolution30%

Impacts of Grade Earned

The courses in which a student has earned a ‘D’ or a higher grade will be counted as credits earned by him/her. Any course in which a student has obtained an `F’ grade will not be counted towards his/her earned credits or GPA calculation. A student who obtains an `F’ grade in a core course will have to repeat that particular course. If a student gets an `F’ in an optional course, he/she may choose to repeat that course or take a substitute course if available. A Student may be allowed to repeat the course only once for the purpose of grade improvement by forgoing his/her earlier grade.

Attendance and Class Performance

The university has strict rules regarding the issues of attendance in class. All students are expected to attend classes regularly. The university believes that attendance is necessary for effective learning. The first responsibility of a Student is to attend classes regularly, and one is required to attend at least 60% of all classes to be held in any course for being eligible to sit for mid-term or final examination.

 Duration of Semesters

The duration of each semester will be 26 weeks that will be used as follows:

Classes                                                                        14 weeks

Mid-Term, and Final                                                   6 weeks

Academic Activities & preparatory Leaves               6 weeks

Total                                                                           26 weeks