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The Thriving Student Life at Banani

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The Thriving Student Life at Banani
Why choose Banani?

   It was said that Banani was initially designated as a residential area for middle-class families after the augmentations made to Dhaka during the 1950s. However, it has now transformed into an upscale place, becoming a long-standing favorite location for residential and commercial use. It has a high standard of living because of the amenity-rich neighborhood and employee-centric area. Hence the corporate culture of Banani is at its peak, and it is also seen that supporting organizations for corporate offices, such as banks, NGOs, mosques, etc., are growing in numbers too.

   Moreover, the thing that makes traveling to Banani convenient is that it is easily accessible from multiple directions, thus making it perfect for students and the office-going crowd to alternate their routes as deemed fit for them. Fresh graduate students will find Banani a buzzing hub for networking as growing startups and temporary office spaces are cheaply available. Standard-size apartments with facilities are readily available for students and their families. 

The good side: Benefits and advantages of Banani

   One of the main attractions that make traveling to Banani even more achievable is the Banani-Mirpur flyover, which connects and eases worries for a large swarm of working-class people. The well-developed infrastructure appeals to a more significant portion of people in Dhaka city and beyond, they are captivated by all the famous eateries and dining outlets that provide all kinds of delicacies thinkable - be it Oriental, Mexican, Indian, or fast food. Some notable fast-food chains that can be mentioned are KFC, BFC, Chillox, ChaTime, Madchef, Takeout, Herfy, Pizza Hut, and many more.

   People today are also more fashion-conscious than ever before. Shopping malls and prestigious local and international brand shops, such as Yellow, Aarong, Shwapno, Là Mode, etc., have branches in Banani. This saves the trouble of going to distant places to find decent fashionable items within one's reach. Banani supermarket is also a handy option for quicker access; all local things are cheaper there. There is a solution for every lifestyle choice at Banani. If someone is bored, there are recreation hubs that offer a variety of games that both children and adults can enjoy and bond over family time too. Reputed educational institutes in Banani make it effortless for working parents to drop their kids at school before office time. Some names of these prestigious institutes are Banani Bidyaniketan School & College, South Point School & College, Onnesha International School & College, Blossom International School, Play Pen, International University of Scholars, Primeasia University, Southeast University, Dhaka international university (DIU), Darul Ihsan University, etc. Most of these institutions offer many indoor facilities like dining services accomplished with a cafeteria, a library with a lot of books related to all subjects, an indoor gym, and a games area with recreational activities to stimulate students' physicality to keep them healthy and motivated. Other services offered include a student support and counseling center, financial aid for all types of students, and Open space and natural surroundings have always been a top factor that residents look for before settling in at a place. Keeping that in mind, Baisakhi Park, near Banani Police Station and Banani lake inside Banani Model Town, has been established with the intent that people residing around can visit if they want a little greenery, peace, and a soothing environment. In addition, the Banani SWAT FC Field is a popular place for organized football matches and casual play. It hosts several football matches daily and is fitted with resources to hold games after dark. Teens and adults benefit from this as it makes things easier for them when they want to do fun physical activities.

   Banani is one of the few floods resistant areas in Dhaka, making it a safe option during the sudden heavy downpours at any given time of the year. It has also seldom experienced water shortage, unlike some other residential areas in Dhaka. The uninterrupted water supply system makes Banani a compatible and comfortable place to inhabit during this hectic everyday life. 

Hassle-free transportation:

   One of the options available in Dhaka Chaka for students searching for public transport is an air-conditioned bus and coach company that travels within the diplomatic zones in Dhaka City. At the moment, this company is offering its services in two routes – Route 1 travels from Tejgaon- Gulshan link road (Navana mor) – Gulshan shooting club – Gulshan 1 – Gulshan 2, then there is route 2, which covers Banani Kakoli – Banani Bazar – Gulshan 2 – Baridhara New Bazar (Notun Bazar) and back respectively. Dhaka Chaka is also Wi-Fi enabled and accessible to all passengers. This makes the rides even more desirable for students and office workers in the area.

   Next, there is Banani South Bus Stoppage, located on the Dhaka - Mymensingh Highway. It is a good option for people looking for local buses to go to almost anywhere else in Dhaka City. However, passengers traveling from that bus stoppage may face some difficulties as there is no waiting area or covered place to either save them from the scorching heat or protect them from other natural calamities such as storms or rain. It has only one public toilet for both genders. Therefore people may have to face difficulties there. It is also a crowded place, especially after office hours. Traffic jams can be found starting from late afternoon as buses are so packed it is hard to get in the bus except for someone who is used to traveling by that route. One should be careful to get in or out of the bus because of the traffic running on the road. 

The growing educational institutions:

   Presently, as there are a lot of educational institutions in Banani, it is noticed that there is a demand for student consultancy firms even though some colleges and universities offer similar types of student counseling. Some students feel uncomfortable discussing matters like career consultation and life advice directly with their institutions, so they look for help regarding these matters outside. Some students are also looking for someone to support them in future decision-making, whether at a professional or personal level. In addition, many students are looking into going to foreign countries for further studies, and that process can be extended. It can also be seen an unanticipated request for home tutors is coming from Banani itself, and this is an excellent opportunity for university or college students residing in and around Banani to get some easy money. This is attainable because Banani ensures a safe environment, and security for all is assured. Furthermore, Banani DOHS is controlled by the Bangladesh Army as it falls under the jurisdiction of the Cantonment Board. Several guards are constantly patrolling the area, and the playground inside is always available for everyone to visit and enjoy some family time together. 

Safe and sound neighborhood:

   As more and more families and individuals are settling down in Banani, there are new apartments with facilities such as modern fire protection system, CCTV, lifts, smooth sliding fly-proof nets in all aluminum sections, AC points in all rooms & kitchen, shower area with the glass enclosure in all bathrooms, water purification plant, Earthquake resistant feature and many more so that people feel at utmost ease and find luxury too. The well-maintained tight security 24/7 is also one of the contributing factors to why many people want to live in Banani. 

Job opportunities for students:

 Since many well-known organizations and companies are already established in Banani, there is a surge in renting studio plus office spaces, and many students are looking for flatmates too. Someone searching for like-minded people might be lucky to find someone from the same institution. With a lot of students residing in Banani, it is observed that student internships are in demand. Many universities offer part-time jobs at the university to some students, and various fast-food chains or shopping outlets are constantly hiring new employees too. Therefore, there are a lot of options that a student can choose from. The many attractions Banani offers have kept it among some of the top places a person in Dhaka wants to reside and take full advantage of. 


   All in all, Dhaka has seen incredible growth both in infrastructure and standard of living, and Banani has been one of the areas that have contributed to both of them. Banani is well-maintained with many additional factors such as personal safety, open space, hassle-free transportation services, lively neighborhood, etc., making it beneficial for living and a huge advantage for students and families alike. It can be said that the thriving student life at Banani is gradually flourishing, and new people are always welcomed here.