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The International University of Scholars Central Syllabus Review Committee was formed under the Bangladesh Private University Act 2010. There is a syllabus committee for each department present at the International University of Scholars. 

The following are the responsibilities of a Syllabus Committee: 

All subjects and courses taught at the university must be approved by the University Grants Commission and no student can be admitted in the relevant subject or courses before the written approval letter is issued. 
The syllabus committee applies to the Commission, with logic and explanation, if they want to bring any change or augmentation in any subject or courses as approved by the Commission. 
Under subsection (2.), the Commission will give its decision on the relevant matter within 90 days of receiving any application. 
If the Commission does not give a decision within the above mentioned time frame, or the University is offended by any of its decisions then within 30 days from the date of giving of the said decision an appeal can be made against that decision to the Chancellor of the University and the Chancellor’s decision in this regard will be final. 
Each department present at the International University of Scholars has a syllabus committee and it comprises of the following members:  
Capt. Mobashwer A Khandaker, psc, BN (Retd), Registrar, acting as a Convenor for the Committee, 

All teachers, and the Head of Department of the respective departments as the Chairman of each syllabus committee - 

Md. Julfikar Ali, Associate Professor & Department Head (BBA) 
Engr. Rezaul Karim, Associate Professor & Department Head (Textile Engineering) 
Engr. Md. Ahsan Arif, Associate Professor & Department Head (CSE) 
Shaiyek Md. Buland Taslim, Assistant Professor & Department Head (EEE) 
Mohammad Shahadat Hossain, Assistant Professor & Department Head (English) 
AKM Monzurul Islam, Assistant Professor & Department Head (Natural Science) 
Faisal Bin Alam, Associate Professor and Coordinator, Department of Islamic Science 

Meetings held/ to be held: 

Dates - 

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