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Certificate Course on Emotional Intelligence

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Overview of the course:

Emotional Intelligence being pivotal to all behavior and action enables employees to reach out to customers with mindfulness, a positive attitude in tonality and expressions, eagerness to serve, resilience in the face of stress and challenges, empathy toward the distressed, and acceptance of diversity in culture and financial status.  This advanced, inspirational training program gets the learners energized as it describes the benefits of and the approaches to developing Emotional Intelligence to create a positive experience for and collective growth of the people in an organization and beyond.  

Course Instructor:

S.A Walid, Certificated EI graduate & Trainer, Country Director-Career Aid (UK-based education consultancy firm)

Who can participate & How you will be benefited?

 People who are required to work with, and through, other people to get things done.
 Develop the mindset of practicing positive communication to inspire co-workers, while giving out constructive feedback
 Manage the stress while working and handling a huge workload
 Connect with every individual by being aware of their emotions and our own behavior expressing attention, care, and empathy
 Understand the cause and effect of the behavior of oneself and that of others through emotional self-awareness
 Create a positive environment of working together with colleagues.

Course Contents of Emotional Intelligence:

 Introduction
 What is mind
 emotional intelligence (EI)
 History
 Mind, brain, and El
 IQ & EQ
 What are the types of emotions and what are they?
 How El works
 summary

Chapter: Self-Awareness
 What is self-awareness & why
 States in which self-awareness is possible
 5 effective ways to increase self-awareness
 self-assessment for
 self-awareness
 Summary

Chapter: Self-Management
 Self-assessment for self-management
 What is self-management and why?
 5 effective ways to increase self-management
 Summary

Chapter: Social Skills
 What are social skills and why
 Self-assessment for social-skills
 Leadership
 Hypnotism for Communication
 Summary

Chapter: Self-motivation
 Self-assessment for self-motivation
 What is self-motivation & why
 5 effective ways for increasing self-motivation
 Summary

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