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The Clubs & Event Management Committee is formed with the following persons:

  1. Mr. Atif Wafik - Convener (Asst. Prof. DBA)
  2. Mr. Faham Ahmed Kalam - Member Secretary (Lecturer, DBA)

  3. Mr. Golam Kaderye - Member (Lecturer, Dept. of CSE)

  4. Mr. Dewan Mabrur Hasan Chowdhury - Member (Lecturer, Dept. of EEE)
  5. Ms. Nusrat Jahan - Member (Lecturer, Dept. of English)

  6. Mr. Ashfaqul Hoque Khadem - Member (Lecturer, Dept. of Textile Engineering)


Duties & Responsibilities of the Committee:


  • All the Clubs of the University will be brought under one umbrella to administer and monitor their activities.
  • The Committee will prepare a set of policies/ By laws to organize all the clubs and submitted to the management for approval.
  • This Committee will provide support, guide and oversee the progress of the implantation of the approved policy.
  • A Committee will also select Club Members in consultation with Club Advisors Students from any department may be allowed to join their desired clubs.
  • All types of government, university departmental and other programs will be arranged through concerned clubs.