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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability have been the most used terms in the business and professional arena since the last century. Surprisingly its appeal is still rising every moment. Though it’s an age-old concept for western countries, it is relatively new for the people of South Asian countries like Bangladesh. Here the majority of the people have little knowledge or no knowledge or wrong perception about CSR and Sustainability. Business in today’s globalized world can hardly be thought of without considering these two major issues. That is why organizations of any type have almost no choice but to take these agendas seriously and consider CSR & Sustainability at the core of their strategic plan. This training program is designed to meet the thrust of having a clear concept of these very important and relevant topics. 

Instructor: Engr. Faisal Bin Alam


The aim of this training program is to make the students familiar with the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability from a local and global perspective. 

After completing the training, the students are expected to: 

  1. have a clear understanding of the concepts of CSR and Sustainability; 
  2. have a clear understanding of sustainability challenges on both local and global levels; 
  3. have the ability to give arguments why any type of business should put CSR and Sustainability on their priority agenda. 

A certificate
 will be provided. 

Training duration: 2 Days, 8 hours 

Schedule: To be announced by the instructor 

Fee = To be announced 
* Limited no. of participants will be allowed. 

Registration link: 

After registration, you will receive a student id through email. 
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