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History, Mission and Vision

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The International University of Scholars, popularly known as the University of Scholars, started its journey in 2015 with a campus at Badda with five departments at the outset. The Trustee Board of the University aims to establish a research-intensive modern private university for Bangladeshi and international students who will produce world-class researchers and industry-leading professionals. The first batch of enrolment was done in 2016. The graduation of the 1st Master's batch was held in 2018, and the graduation of the 1st Undergraduate batch was held in 2020. In 2021, the University moved to its permanent campus at Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani.


The University of Scholars is moving forward with one mission in mind – assuring a comprehensive perspective that encompasses all the processes of higher education, for the sake of its students and advocates. The university is dedicated to making students achieve their desired goals and helping them in their respective fields of expertise so that they can have a higher-quality academic experience. Here, at the University of Scholars, we want our students to impart a professional degree plus some values which we emphasize. Statements such as - First you make your Belief, then your belief makes You. Teach to learn, Learn to Teach. Education is not just a Certificate. Being Human is more important than being Educated. Phrases such as these ring true to us and help us to send a clear message through.


The vision of the university to impart education to its undergraduate and graduate students encourages a combination of training and research across the American Curriculum. It also promotes tendering to society together with the economy and culture. We believe that not only the learning environment for students but the working environment for teachers and our other members are also important as they head forward toward the goal of this university. Our friendly atmosphere and flexible policy inspire faculty members who are highly qualified to have academic degrees and professional training from home and abroad. The working environment is friendly, where newcomers and fresh graduates are heartily welcomed, it eventually follows a hierarchy that is preferable for all, and professionalism is always maintained with the utmost respect towards everyone. The university prepares students to take challenges of the day and change the world positively.