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Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence

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Overview of the course:

Machine learning has been around for ages, but in the time of big analytics, this type of artificial intelligence is in greater demand than ever before. Why? Simply put, organizations need help examining through and working with the extraordinary amount of data that our systems are now continuously generating. With machine learning technology, businesses can build computerized models that process enormous volumes of data swiftly and “learn” how to use it to solve problems.

Let’s look at some of the uses of machine learning across the business.

Registration link for training:

All participants will be provided with a training certificate
(Refreshments with lunch will also be provided!)


Course Instructor:
  1. Engr. Md. Ahsan Arif (Head of the Department and Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering)

  2. Shaiyek Md. Buland Taslim (Head of the Department and Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Training Date: 12th November 2022

Venue: University of Scholars, Continuing Education Center (CEC), 40, Kemal Ataturk Ave, Banani, Dhaka-1213

Course Fees are: 500 Taka

For Details & Information: 01726-261870, 01969087309

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