MBA Program (Regular)

For those who pursue MBA after BBA, there is no end to excellent job opportunities. A vast majority seem to choose an MBA program over other post-graduate courses. The scope of topics covered during an MBA provides the opportunity to know about a wide variety of subjects catering to the various aspects of business structure and administration and imparts guidance to the right methodology and approach in handling various corporate situations. Thus an MBA can be a useful degree to move up the corporate ladder. Again, a person who’s been in a particular profession for several years and now wishes to take up a management position in the same field can do so through an MBA. This would also equate to a better pay package. An MBA graduate from a good university can have an upper hand with recruiters giving them a preference for excellent job openings throughout their career. In today’s competitive corporate world, a person has a tough time managing schedules, deadlines at the workplace or business. After a few years of being employed or self-employed, a person may experience burnout and may long for a well-deserved break to introspect and decide the future course his career path should take. An MBA provides the right platform for this decision-making process and helps choose from a range of post-MBA career options. An MBA degree not only equips the student to become better managers or entrepreneurs but also imparts soft skills including leadership qualities, teamwork, the spirit to take risks, experiment, and adapt to new cultures, places, or situations. The extensive range of subjects that an MBA student covers during his course facilitates a new outlook and imparts a broader perspective of the business or corporate world.

Program Objectives:

The specific objectives of the MBA Program are:

  1. Preparing the participants from a variety of backgrounds with the range of skills and techniques necessary to provide a solid foundation for their career;
  2. Promoting learners’ perception of the functional areas of business and developing a general perspective of their interrelationship;
  3. Enhancing the ability of the learners to identify business problems and resolving them;
  4. Forecasting critical thinking and enhancing interpersonal communication and leadership qualities to work effectively;
  5. Providing an environment for corporate connections at both national and international levels.

Program Description:

The regular MBA Program is a one-year full-time 39 credit hours of the professional program designed to meet the needs of the students who intend to develop their careers as executives or as researchers and teachers. Only 4-year BBA graduates from any universities are eligible to get admission into the regular MBA program. The students of MBA are exposed to various business-related courses that enhance their managerial capabilities.


It is my great pleasure to prolong the heartiest greetings to the students into the Department of Business Administration at the International University of Scholars. It is the foremost and popular department in our University as well as in the business field of our country.

Here we endeavor to provide the highest quality of education with modern technologies for producing highly qualified graduates to meet the requirements of today’s business world. We regularly update and reform our course curricula to uphold the international standard. We have a talented, dedicated, caring team of faculty members with strong academic education, expertise, knowledge, and research. Our department has a well-furnished computer lab, seminar library, full air-conditioned class, and examination.