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Abu M. Fuad

Abu M. Fuad

Abu M. Fuad

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Abu M. Fuad 

Mobile: 01792842494

Educational Qualifications:
SN  Degree  Institute Passing Year
1  B.Sc. (EEE) Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology 2022
2  H.S.C (Science) Notre Dame College  2017 
3  S.S.C (Science)  St. Joseph Higher Secondary School  2015

Job Experience:




Adjunct Lecturer Bangladesh University Apr 01, 2023 - Jul 01, 2023
Robotic Instructor 10 Minute School Jun 2021 - Mar 2023
Startegic Advisor IAIT (Ideal Association of Informatics and Technology) Dec 2019 - Jan 2023

  1. Enhancing Operational Efficiency through Overall Equipment Efficiency Optimization and Kaizen Initiatives: A Case Study of a Carton Factory.
    1st Author, International Journal of Lean Six Sigma (Q1).
    : Accepted, Peer-Review
    This paper investigates the reason for low efficiency of the carton production line through Overall Equipment

    Effectiveness (OEE) calculation and solves the issues using Six Sigma principles. The findings of this paper provide incisive analysis and practical recommendations for industries trying to improve productivity, efficiency, and overall performance. Application of the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) technique alongside the Six Sigma approach is a part of this study’s systematic procedure. It involves estimating the average OEE of auto corrugation, flexo printing, auto glutter, and binding machines over 12 shifts, analyzing downtime using a pie chart, and utilizing a fishbone diagram to identify the cause of inefficiencies. Significant improvement has been achieved through the practical implementation of Kaizen principles, showcasing the smooth edges on both the 5-ply and 3-ply cartons. Thus, the factory annually saved $7200. By reducing the travel paper size from 2 pages to 1, it also saved $174 per year. Repairing the slotting knives resulted in significant savings of $7210. The efficiency of the two lines for finished goods and corrugated boards have been improved to 89% and 86%, respectively. As a part of the Kaizen initiatives, 12 power spots have been eliminated, resulting in a net saving of 360 kW of electrical power. We have the opportunity to work with a limited size of samples to figure out the results of OEE in an easier way. Therefore, we can’t go with the P-chart and X Bar R control chart. The savings in power spots contributed to energy conservation and cost reduction. The resulting improvements from the proposed methodology have been mapped through Value Stream Mapping. The research demonstrates the importance of greater OEE values to improve operational performance, which results in quantifiable improvements in line efficiency, power consumption, cycle time, equipment repairs, and paper usage. Therefore, the approaches and utilization of Kaizen in machines for waste reduction, fishbone diagram, the flow of production, 5W-1H and six sigma tools show better output. The procedure illustrated in this paper would be beneficial to other industrial research enthusiasts.

  2.  Web-based Brief Screening Test for Identifying Twenty Common Psychological Disorders

    IEEE Turkey Section (Class A)
    Publisher: IEEE
    Status: Accepted & Presented 
    Link: DOI | Conference Presentation
    As developing countries are facing psychologist and psychiatrist crises, screening tools can save time in consultancy. Although several screening tools are available, they are so time-consuming and none of them determines most of the common psychological disorders in a single test. To solve the problem and increase the treatment capability of psychologists or psychiatrists, a new psychological screening web application named “MindSee” is proposed in this paper. It can detect 20 common psychological disorders within 10 minutes. It provides doctors with a brief map of the patient’s overall information from food habits to mood swings without asking any questions manually. MindSee uses conditional logic and algorithm to cut-off redundant or repetitive questions according to the responder’s answer choices to keep the duration of test within 10 minutes. With privacy, anyone can monitor one’s progress in mental health from time to time taking MindSee screening test. MindSee is proposed as a psychological screening testing tool to support psychologists and psychiatrists.
  3. A Convolutional Neural Network Based Device Free Indoor Localization Using CSI
    2nd Author, IEEE 11th Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (Class A)
    Publisher: IEEE
    Status: Accepted, Present on 16-18th October 2023
    Device-free indoor localization has gained significant attention in recent years in the fields of wireless sensing and machine learning. This paper proposes an improved CSI-based device-free indoor localization (DFIL) system using a machine learning-based classification approach. The proposed system exploits the variations in wireless signals reflected from objects in the environment to locate and track targets without requiring any device to be carried by them. The system uses machine learning techniques such as random forest and support vector machines to classify the received signal strength indicator (RSSI) data into different target zones. The classification accuracy is improved by using channel state information (CSI) data alongside RSSI data. The experimental results show that the proposed system achieves higher accuracy than existing DFIL systems, with an average accuracy of 94% depending on the number of training samples. This enhanced localization method can be used in real-world settings like smart house automation systems, security, and the healthcare industry.
  4. Implementation of the AQUALUNG: A new form of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
    1st Author, IEEE OES AUV Symposium (Class A)
    : Accepted & Presented
    Link: DOI | Conference Presentation
    The paper presents the design and implementation of a multitasking autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) named “Aqualung.” The motivation of this project is to construct the AUV which is going to be participated in the SAUVC-2022 competition. The conventional autonomous underwater vehicles are highly expensive (up to 10 thousand USD) and have complex mechanisms whereas the construction cost of the proposed AUV is under $300 USD with a simple structure. DC gear motors are used in this vehicle to drive the propeller, a pressure sensor is used to convert air pressure to calculate pressure underwater, advanced image processing technology is used that has increased the proper geo mapping process and identifying any particular object under water. A grabber can be attached to its body to grab a particular thing for carrying an object. Use of lightweight materials in Aqualung AUV results in weight reduction and enables the device to consume less amount of energy. The proposed AUV exhibits excellent features which are presented in the result section.

Successfully completed an Internship Program in Web Development from 01-01-2021 to 28-02-2021.
Program: Verzeo, Microsoft
Duration: 2 months
Soft Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript

Extracurricular Activities:
  1. Country Director of AICRA (All India Council for Robotics and Automation)
  2. National Coordinator of RAN (Robotics Associations of Nepal)
  3. Mentor and Public Speaker at 2nd National Science Fest by Youthpreneur Network, BUET Auditorium, BUET 2022.
  4. Trainer at Scintilla Science Fest 2018-2023 workshops, St. Joseph.Conducted 5 sessions on ‘Modern Technology and Science Projects’ as a facilitator.
  5. Trainer at ‘Basic Robotics Workshop’ in BAF Shaheen College, SAGC (Shaheed Bir Uttam LT. Anwar Girls' College), DRMC (Dhaka Residential Model College), Academia School, Ideal School & College etc.
  6. Mentor at ‘Fundamentals of Arduino’, ESAB AIUB UNIT FACE 2021.
    Speaker at ‘Event Management Workshop’: ASCENSION 2.0 powered by 'UPWARD BANGLADESH’ 2021.
  7. General Secretary of AUST ROBOTICS CLUB, organizes national fest ‘AUST ROVER CHALLENGE 2022’.
  8. Cultural Coordinator of AUST EEE SOCIETY, 2022 Fall.


  • Global Finalist, Team Aqualung, Singapore AUV Challenge 2022.
  • Campus Champion and top 30 in Huawei’s Seed for the Future Program, 2022
  • Best Enthusiasts award, Asia’s top 150 students, Hyundai Motors, March 2021
  • 2nd in COVIDEATE, Asia’s largest tech fest IIT BOMBAY, 2020-2021
  • Country Direct Award, Bangladesh from AICRA (All India Council for Robotics and Automation), 2021
  • Top 60 teams in BIG (Bangabandhu Innovation Grant), a reality show for Startups (DBC News), 2021
  • 1st Runner Up, Team Leader, Esho Robot Banai, A robot-based reality show in Bangladesh (Channel I), 2019
  • Champion, ‘BUET EEE DAY’19 in Project Competition, 2018
  • 1st Runner up, ‘BUET CSE FEST’ 2019 in Project Competition, 2019
  • Champion (Idea segment) in Techfest Zonal Round BD, 2018
  • Special Mention Award, Vision 2030, Idea Competition Techfest, IIT 2018-2019.
  • 1st Runner up, 3rd IEE conference, Dhaka University 2018
  • Hult Prize at AUST, 2nd Runner up, December 2018.
  • 1st Runner-Up in National Table Tennis Tournament (Inter-School) 2014.