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Ashfaqul Hoque Khadem

Ashfaqul Hoque Khadem

Ashfaqul Hoque Khadem

Junior Lecturer
Department of Textile Engineering

Ashfaqul Hoque Khadem

Cell:  01772054884


Educational Qualifications:




Passing Year


B. Sc. In Textile Engineering (Fabric)

B. Sc. In Textile Engineering (Fabric)



Higher Secondary School Certificate

Ashuganj Sar Karkhana College



 Secondary School Certificate

Ashuganj Sar Karkhana School




  1. Fabrication, properties, and performance of graphene-based textile fabrics for supercapacitor applications: A review


The attention towards flexible and wearable energy storage devices is intensifying as traditional energy storage technologies fail to satisfy the criteria for wearable applications. With its outstanding electrical and electrochemical properties, graphene has emerged as a novel material for fabricating flexible supercapacitor electrodes. Recently, graphene-based textile fabrics have captured enormous attention for their potential application as flexible electrodes owing to their high porosity, lightweight nature, and biocompatibility characteristics. We first highlighted graphene synthesis and the underlying fabrication strategies of graphene-based fabrics. Subsequently, the focus turned to diverse modification strategies of graphene-based fabrics with numerous functional materials. It is revealed that the modified microstructure and the synergy between graphene and these functional materials significantly boost the electrical, electrochemical, and mechanical properties of fabric electrodes. Moreover, the performance parameters (i.e., energy density, power density, cyclic stability, mechanical durability, etc.) of the flexible graphene-based fabric supercapacitor are evaluated in terms of various supercapacitor configurations. The potential applications of graphene-based fabric supercapacitors and the challenges of the technology are thoroughly discussed. Finally, the environmental impact and future perspective of the technology are outlined. Hopefully, this article will lay the groundwork for future research into designing high-performance graphene-based fabric supercapacitors and even beyond.


  1. Factory: Fariha Knit Tex Ltd., Baroibhog, Fatullah, Narayanganj, Duration: 2 months

Extra-curricular Activities:

  • Vice President at BUTEX Carrier Club (2021-2022)
  • BYLC Graduate, Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre (2019)
  • Honored as blood donor by BADHAN (2021)