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Kalyan Mondol

Kalyan Mondol

Kalyan Mondol

Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Mob. No.: 01753-214575

Educational Qualifications:
SN  Degree  Institute Passing Year
1  (M.S.) in Renewable Energy Technology  Institute of Energy, University of Dhaka   2018
2  (B.Sc.) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering  East West University  2015
3  Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)  Dariapur Degree College  2010
4  Secondary School Certificate (SSC)  Dharmatala Adarsha High School  2008

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  2. “Design of an Automatic Dual-Axis Solar Tracking Controller”, International Conference on Electronics and Informatics 2021.

  3. “Design and development of low-cost maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar charge controller”, International Conference on Electronics and Informatics 2019.


Training or Workshop:
  1. Training on outcome-based curriculum and accreditation standards and criteria-2022

  2. Applied Research on Energy and Power Workshop: Bangladesh Context

  3. 18th National Renewable Energy Conference and Green Expo-2018

  4. Training on a programmable logic controller

  5. Workshop on embedded system design and robotics

  6. Workshop on renewable energy technology