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Reduanul Bari Shovon

Reduanul Bari Shovon

Reduanul Bari Shovon

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Reduanul Bari Shovon

Phone: 01680359782
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Jahangirnagar University



North South University



Savar Cantonment Public School and College



Savar Cantonment Public School and College


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University of Scholars (IUS)

5/04/2021 - Present


University of Global Village (UGV)

01/02/2020 - 30/11/2021


Service Engine Limited

1/11/2019 - 30/11/2019

Publications (On Processing):
  1. Iot Based Real Time Environment Monitoring and Forecasting System incorporation with Air Pollution Detector based on Naïve Bayes Algorithm.
    Environment is one of the burning issues nowadays. So, weather monitoring has received much attention in recent time. At that time, people want to stay updated about the latest weather conditions of any place like: - Industrial areas, Office’s and Visiting areas etc. In Today’s World, knowing live environmental condition is one of the biggest issues because there is an IoT of hurdles arrives when live environmental condition is measured. The proposed system will try to remove this problem since it monitors real time weather conditions. This proposed system monitors and forecast the real time environmental condition by measuring the parameters like temperature, humidity, moisture and rain level. But the unique solution of this proposed system is it will predict the nearest accurate value of weather forecast by integrating the detection of both air and water polluting criteria’s using CO and CH4 detection level in a particular area. So that what we need to measure the precautions can be easily identified. For transmitting the sensing data, we will use Arduino UNO and NODE MCU. For Data management and connection issues, we will use Naïve Bayes and Chi Square Algorithm for Analysis. The data will be represented through web server and users can access and notified anywhere through internet connection. It is a cloud based and has easy monitoring and data visualization modules. This proposed system is comparatively low cost one and user-friendly. It evaluated in different stages and after testing the real time evaluation assessments, the validity, reliability and feasibility can be measured.

  2. Real Time Face Detection, Recognition and Verification Technology By Thesis Enhancing the Security of ATM Booth Using Raspberry Pi, Webcam Module and Image Processing with OpenCV Library.
    The task was to develop a system that integrates real time facial detection and recognition technology into the identity verification process which will be used in ATMs. Here the system proposes an ATM security model that would combine a RFID (Radio Frequency Identified) access card, an electronic facial detection and recognition and a navigating display output using Raspberry pi, Web-cam and Arduino module that will go as far as withdrawing money and to prevent criminal activities. The combined features approach is to serve the purpose of both the identification and authentication that card and PIN do.
  1. Training on Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design from Coursera

  2. Training on Mobile Application Development (Topics are covered on Object Oriented Programming Java, ID Application, Intent, Vector Asset, Fragment, Customization, Widget, Backend As a Service) from Udemy, 3 months in 2021

  3. Training on Practical Web Development from Udemy
Extracurricular Activities:
  • Served as Library Editor at Prothom Alo Bandhushova for 2010/2012
  • Organized Departmental Annual Picnic of 2022
  • Participated as a member Bangladesh National Cadet Corporation
  • Served as a member of NSU Earth Club.