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  1. M. E. Haque; A. Mostabe; M. S. Hassain; Qazi Talal; D.M.H. Chowdhury; S. Hossain; M. Shafiullah; “Energy Management System for Smart Microgrid System: A Comprehensive Review”. (Submitted for Review)

  2. M. S. Khan Hemel; A. M. Refat; K. F. Ahmed; D. M. Hasan Chowdhury; and A. Mahmud; "Simulation-Based Comparative Stability Analysis Between Conventional and Hybrid Power System to Observe the Point of Stability" Bangladesh, 2019. pp.1-5,doi:10.1109/STI47673.2019.9068103.

  3. R. Nazneen, A. M. Refat, D. Mabrur Hasan Chowdhury and A. Mahmud, "Analysis of All-Optical AND Logic Gate Based on the Cascade of Electro Absorption Modulator and Highly Nonlinear Fiber" Bangladesh, 2019. pp. 559-563, doi: 10.1109/ICREST.2019.8644172.