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Research & Publications:
  1. Title: The Success of the Electric Vehicle and Simulation of an Electric Vehicle Navigation System with PWM Control.
    Publisher: Journal of Computer Science and Technology Studies (JCSTS).
    Volume: 3 Issue: 2 DOI: 10.32996/jcsts.2021.3.2.3
    This paper gives an outline of ongoing work on electric vehicles in the area. The paper depicts the turn of events, and examination of various pieces of the principal segments of battery innovation, engine, forward, invert, start-stop, and slowing down are inspected. The paper examines the benefits of diesel motors and electric motors. Here are a few depictions of how the dark smoke from a diesel motor can harm our bodies. The paper, at last, appears as models of some electric vehicles finishing of administrative work.
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  2. Title: pH and Temperature Monitoring with a GSM-based Auto Feeding System of a Biofloc Technology.
    Publisher: International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research -IJSER (ISSN 2229-5518).
    Volume: 13 Issue: 4 Page: 2
    Biofloc technology (BFT), the new "blue revolution" in aquaculture, has the potential to increase aquaculture production's sustainability without sacrificing quality. The main challenge of biofloc technology is the recycling of waste nutrients, particularly nitrogen, into microbial biomass by controlling the water property. Much work has been published since the introduction of BioFloc Technology to evaluate this system in various contexts and under various nutritional situations. This paperwork is being done on the design and development of a water quality monitoring system of a Biofloc, with the objective of notifying the user through some LED’s and display. The pH value and temperature of water in Biofloc are sensed with a pH sensor and temperature sensor respectively and will notify through LED’s. Also, an automatic feeding system is added which is controlled by sending SMS through a GSM module that controls a servo motor to open and close the food gate accordingly.
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  1. Title: Estimation of Three Phase Open & Short Circuit Fault Distances in the Underground Cable Using Arduino & GSM Module.
    Publisher: International Conference on Electronics and Informatics 2021. Organized by “Bangladesh Electronics and Informatics Society”. 

  2. Title: Design of an Automatic Dual-Axis Solar Tracking Controller.
    Publisher: International Conference on Electronics and Informatics 2021. Organized by “Bangladesh Electronics and Informatics Society”.