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  1. Shadia Sharmin “Employee Training and Its Impact on Employee and Organization Performance: An Overview on Different Organization of Dhaka City”, the University of South Asia Journal, Volume-3, Issue-1, (August-2017), ISSN: Print) 2411-3077.

  2. Shadia Sharmin “Recruitment and Selection Process of Nestle Bangladesh Limited and Its Impact on the Human Resources Management Practices of the Organization, University of South Asia Journal, Volume-2, Issue-1, (December 2016), ISSN: Print: 2411-3077.

  3. Shadia Sharmin “Recruitment and Selection process in the Public and Private University of Dhaka City in Bangladesh: A Comparative Study”, International Journal of Management and Business Studies (IJMBS), Cosmic Journal, Volume .5.3, 2015,ISSN:2230-9519(Online), ISSN: 2231-2463(Print). 
    In this paper, the author presents and discusses the importance of the recruitment and selection process and tries to find the practices of the recruitment and selection process of public and private universities of Dhaka city of Bangladesh. The result indicates that there is a general desire of the respondents to practice fair and develop recruitment and selection process but sometimes the surrounding environment does not support them. Evidence also supports that the universities had depth understanding of the process.
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  4. Shadia Sharmin, Farhanaz Luna “Customer relation Management: A study on BRAC Bank Limited”, University of South Asia Journal, Volume-1, Issue-1, (August-2015), ISSN: Print) 2411-3077.

  5. Farrhanaz Luna, Shadia Sharmin “CSR is a Management Practice to improve Financial Performance of Banks: A study on Banks of Dhaka City, Bangladesh”, SCIEDU press Canada-International Journal of Business Administration, Volume-6, No-4 (June-2015), ISSN: 1923-4007 (Print), ISSN: 1923-4015(Online).

  6. Shadia Sharmin and Farhanaz Luna “The socio-economic condition of female slum dwellers: a case study on slums in Dhaka”, ISOR-Journal of Humanities and Social Science (ISOR-JHSS), Volume-20, Issue-3, March 2015.ISSN -2279-0845 (Print), ISSN-2279-0837(Online).