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The vision of the Program Offering Entity:

To produce highly competent computer experts to satisfy the need for highly qualified workers in the information and technology business, allowing them to contribute locally and overseas to cutting-edge research and innovation.

The mission of the Program Offering Entity:
  • To develop ethical engineering practices among the students irrespective of any differences to enable their active and healthy participation in a diverse society and enable them to be independent and continue lifelong learning.
  • To provide internationally recognized education to our students and equip them with state-of-the-art knowledge and skill sets in computer science to allow them to lead the advancement of computer engineering, information technology, and network security in society.
  • To familiarize the students with the latest tech-industry best practices and include the latest industrial research trends in the curriculum through multi-dimensional academic and industrial collaborations.
  • To induce competitive problem-solving and active communication skills through effective classroom practices, interactive learning sessions among the students and faculties, and various challenges simulating real-world scenarios.
Objectives of the Program Offering Entity:
  • To improve their skills while adhering to social and ethical issues related to the profession and learn to be team players by working as groups to tackle real-world problems.
  • To familiarize the students with the fundamental knowledge of computer science to use current methodologies to design, create, document, test software, and understand the principles of computer architecture and computing theory.
  • To build a center of excellence concerning teaching-learning, research, and innovation facilities.
  • To ensure rational outcomes in higher education, promote lifelong learning through effective industry-academia and academia-organization collaboration.
Description of the Program:

The International University of Scholars provides a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering with a four-year curriculum. The curriculum offers a complete grasp of computer science, computer and software engineering, information technology, and network security in the modern world. The curriculum includes theoretical and practical coursework on computer hardware and software. The curriculum contains several mathematics courses designed to educate students with computational and reasoning skills applicable to their chosen field. Computer security includes protecting personal data, preventing unauthorized access to computer systems, maintaining backup contingency plans for data loss, and protecting computer systems from hostile activities. Computer Engineering investigates how to apply fundamental engineering design concepts to computer software and hardware production. It teaches students how to keep their skills current with new technological advancements. Software Engineering focuses on design, development, coding, integration, and testing. Information Technology is concerned with the use of technology inside an organization. Additionally, the BSc program will include supplementary scientific courses (e.g., natural sciences, chemistry, physics).