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The International University of Scholars Syndicate Committee was formed under the Bangladesh Private University Act 2010. It overlooks matters such as -  

The University’s academic functions, Administrative functions and general care 
The University’s annual action plan and budget review made by the finance committee and recommendation finalizations for the approval of the Board of Trustees 
University statutes and subject to the provisions of this act, creating terms and conditions related to the University’s teachers, employees and officers, the responsibilities and duties of these above mentioned positions, the terms of service and salary scale, student fee determination and also sending the recruitment proposals to the Board of Trustees (BOT) the University’s examinations and its approval of results as recommended by the Academic Council.  
Supervision and protection of all the University’s certificate of Examination and the security symbol of the certificate.  
Ensuring that the University’s discipline is maintained at all levels, providing remedy for anti-discipline behavior and making decisions by recommendation of the disciplinary committee for
punishment after examining the proposals.
Sexual harassment incidents of the University at all levels and   making decisions by recommendation of the disciplinary committee for punishment after examining the proposals in cases of sexual harassment. 
Considering recommendations of the Academic Council and then giving decisions.  
Confirming arrangements for the appropriate preservation of the University’s student registration, examination results, accounts and recording other important letters, drafting a constitution for the University and submitting it to the Board of Trustees for their approval and, 
Issuing Annual Report through the Board of Trustees by the Chancellor, Government and  University Grants Commission (UGC).  

The Syndicate Committee of the International University of Scholars comprises of the following members:  

  • Prof. Dr. Md. Abdus Sattar, Vice Chancellor (who is also acting as the Chairman of the Committee),  
  • Prof. Dr. Md. Mamunur Rashid, Pro Vice Chancellor (Incharge) and Dean,  
  • Associate Professor Md. Julfikar Ali, Treasurer, 
  • Associate Professor Abdul Hasib Siddique, member of the Academic Council (as authorized by the Vice Chancellor),  
  • Shaiyek Md. Buland Taslim, Head of the Department, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE),  
  • a Academician or Educationist (waiting for nomination by the Government), 
  • three members nominated by the International University of Scholars Board of Trustees (BOT) - 

Md. Ariful Hoq 
Md. Jahangir Al Jilani 
Abu Bakar Siddique 

  • Prof. Shibli Rubaiyatul Islam, Representative from the University Grants Commission (UGC) 
  • Capt. Mobashwer A Khandaker, psc, BN (Retd), Registrar (who is also the Secretary of this Committee).   

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