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Prianka Tewary

Prianka Tewary

Prianka Tewary

Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration


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Educational Qualifications:
SN  Degree  Institute Passing Year
1 M.Phil  University Of Dhaka  Ongoing
2 MBA  Pabna university of Science & Technology  2019 
3 BBA Pabna university of Science & Technology 2018
4 HSC  Govt. Shaheed Bulbul College Pabna  2010 
5 SSC Central Girls High School Pabna  2008 
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Lecturer  University Of Scholars 01-09-2019 - current 



Former Intern at Janata Bank Ltd. for 3 months



  1. E-Marketing in Bangladesh: Step towards Digitalization in Business, Major Setbacks and Prospective Views
    Businesses are used to sell different strategies they offer products or services. Nowadays, the companies try to create, promote and sell products or services that can satisfy their target customers through electronic means. E-marketing and online marketing strategy is the latest and modern way of exploring and delivering products and services related information to the quality potential customers. This paper addresses the major setbacks and present scenario of E-marketing structures in Bangladesh. This study also emphasis to analyze the trend of use of e-marketing in Bangladesh. The authors have studied the different international journals, Marketing journals, Economics, business and management journals, Information systems (IS) and information technology (IT) journals to conceptualize current scene of e-marketing in Bangladesh. The researcher use secondary data and information by reviewing previously published literatures. This research finds some core impediments which are the terrific interference to reaching the desired goal of e-marketing. This study identifies the forthcoming prospects in the field of E-marketing in Bangladesh and suggests policy recommendation. By developing and implementing e-marketing strategies and techniques at business sectors in Bangladesh and can take part to establish dream digital Bangladesh. 
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  1. Influencing Factors of Employee Job Satisfaction: A conceptual Framework
    Human resources are the big assets of every organization and nowadays they are getting more important due to their knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve more productivity in the organization. The major aspect of organization is to measure the employee job satisfaction to create motivation among them. Therefore, Job satisfaction is consider as the positive feelings of an individual about his/her job in the working place. The aim of this study is to determine influencing factors of employee job satisfaction. In this recent study, the variables of job satisfaction have been adopted based on the previous published articles. The study also proposed a conceptual framework. The major contribution of the study will be helpful for the management of the organization to determine the factors of employee job satisfaction for achieving goals.
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  2. Influencing Motivational Factors of Bank Employees Retention: A Conceptual Framework 
    Employees are the crucial resources for every organization and the failure and success of the companies often depend on these resources. On the other hand, skilled employees are considered advantageous sources for any organization. Employee retention is a major and vital issue faced by the bank industries in Bangladesh due to the shortage of economic growth, skilled employment, and turnover. The banking sector is the essential and significant sector to develop the economy of a country. In this regard, the banking sector should maintain rules, regulations, policies, and factors of employee retention. The main objective of this study is to determine the influencing factors of bank employee retention in Bangladesh. For the study purpose, the influencing motivational factors of bank employee retention have been adopted from the prior published studies. Also, a conceptual framework has been proposed in this study. From a future perspective, this study will give guidelines for the management of baking organizations to identify the motivational factors for retaining skilled employees in the bank.
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Extracurricular activities: 
  • Member: Bangladesh FMCG HR society 
  • Member: HR Club Bangladesh
  • Member: Blood Donor Club, Pabna University of Science & Technology
  • Member: Cultural Club, Pabna University of Science & Technology
  • Member: Debating Society, GOVT Shaheed Bulbul College